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What Is Considered Real Mexican Food?

Posted on by Mayan Family Mexican Restaurant

Mexican food is a style of cuisine with an origin in ancient times. It has influenced the cooking styles of other countries, including Argentina, Guatemala, and the United States. However, there are many misconceptions about what Mexican food is. What is considered real Mexican food? This blog post will explore this question and help you […]

6 Most Common Foods to Try at a Mexican Restaurant

Posted on by Mayan Family Mexican Restaurant

Mexican cuisine is famous worldwide for being full of flavor and delicious goodness! Not only are their dishes unique, but they also combine a bit of everything- sweet and spicy flavors mixed with traditional Mexican spices. Naturally, you might find yourself in a dilemma looking at the menu the first time you walk into a […]

Fun Facts About Margaritas

Posted on by Mayan Family Mexican Restaurant

The Margarita: America’s Favorite Drink Tequila, lime, salt – what’s not to like? Whether you’re shaking things up at home or hitting up your favorite Mexican restaurant, the margarita is a classic go-to that is sure to satisfy. In 2008, the Cheers On-Premise Handbook stated that the margarita was the most popular mixed drink in […]

The Tortilla’s History: A Look Back Through Thousands of Years

Posted on by Mayan Family Mexican Restaurant

History of the Corn Tortilla Tortillas are everywhere today. The thin, unleavened pieces of flatbread are in thousands of restaurants, taco stands, and grocery stores across the nation, and they’re the most popular ethnic bread across the globe. But where did they come from? Where have they been? Let’s journey through time. A Tortilla as […]

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