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Popular Mexican Food Olympia

Popular Types of Authentic Mexican Food

Popular Types of Authentic Mexican Food


Most people may think that Mexican cuisine mainly consists of burritos, tacos tortillas, and fajitas. However, a lot of what people call classic Mexican food has been seriously missing in translation. Nowadays, people are mostly interested in the Americanized version of Mexican food. So, here are some facts about the best authentic Mexican food.


At the Mexicans masterful basic, tacos come as a small folded corn tortilla full of beef, lamb or ham slices, correctly selected salsas, and some fresh lemon pieces.
Vegetables and vegan tacos are also easily obtainable. Vegetables and vegan tacos are also readily available. Peppers and chilies mixed with cheese, sweet corn, cactus, cream, and refried beans.
Some of the other authentic Mexican tacos contain stewed meat from the cow’s head, roasted or fried fish, beef tongue, shrimps, and even brains. Rolled up tortillas get stuffed with ruptured beef and pan-fried until it is crispy. Commonly they serve them with all sorts of salsas and extras.


In Mexico, you can eat tortillas with nearly every meal. There are two main types you will be interested to know about, wheat tortillas and corn tortillas.

WHEAT TORTILLAS: You can use this soft tortilla for burritos; it is a smooth, flatbread made from grind wheat flour from Mexico. Initially, they took the wheat flour tortilla from a corn tortilla.
CORN TORTILLAS: These tortillas are the most popular in Mexico. The tortilla is cut from the previous day into large quarter pieces and fried to make tortilla chips.

Fajita Salad

Mixed fajita components of beef and chicken served on a hot iron pan. In most restaurants, they will top your fresh garden salad with your choice of one of the fajitas meat, steak, chicken or shrimps garnished with mushrooms and avocados.

Mexican Pizza

The foundation is tortilla. Usually, it is made either from crispy flour, corn, or dried beans instead of the marinara sauce that sets on Italian pizzas. Also, they top it with cheddar cheese or Monterey Jack, onions and tomatoes, and more toppings like spiced beef then garnished with sour cream sometimes.

Mexican Food is Widespread Around the World

Mexican food, without doubt, has been rated highly for its energetic, authentic, vivid colors and pure, delicious taste all over the world. You will find different kinds of Mexican cuisine, which will fuel your mind with their pleasant taste. Whenever you visit Mexico, you will find a wide range of dishes. Furthermore, several different fresh juices of Mexico will ease your brain and body because of their spectacular taste.

Reasons Mexican Food is Popular

First, it is healthy food, because in all the dishes they use different hygienic ingredients, and most of their recipes include all kinds of food. Second, authentic Mexican dishes are wealthy with healthy ingredients, such as avocados, beans, lemons, tomatoes, and salty meats. It is a typical collection of vegetables and meats, which shall provide your body with all the essential minerals, protein, and vitamins. Mexican food is a complete package of rich spices balanced precisely, giving you a fresh and squeaky savor. Whatever is the plate you want to taste. Whether it was chicken, juicy beef, or raw vegetables, there will not be a lack of flavors in your dish.

The hot spices attract people, and many Mexican plates give you the best hot spicy taste. Out in the world, some abundant people are utterly insane about spiced food, so Mexican dishes are a fantastic option for them. Also, there are a lot of options you can find on the Mayan Mexican Restaurant menu to satisfy that craving for spice.

Most Loved Drinks in Mexico City

Margarita: Mexican cuisines are imperfect without a nicely poured glass of margarita. It is one of the most required drinks, a well-known cocktail, and a tricky simple collection of tequila, triple sec, and lemon juice, offered with salt on the edge of the glass.
For the best margarita taste, you can try Restaurant Olympia.

Tequila: Tequila is the favorite liquor in Mexico. They only make tequila in a specific area: the western state of Jalisco. It is mostly mixed in a cocktail or served straight to you like a shot with salt and lemon.

Wine: There are currently seven regions in Mexico producing wine. If you ever visited Mexico City, do not hesitate to ask your tour guide where to find Mexico’s wines nearby.

Authentic Mexican Cooking Techniques

In many methods, the cooking ways of Mexico are much similar to the ones you use in your daily life. Big ones involve frying, boiling, and grilling. Anyways, using the molcajete or the steaming pail will seem strange to you.

Old Methods: Mexican were getting everything heated over an open fire because they did not have an oven. They used to use pans and cast-iron pot beside the ceramic tools. Nowadays, you can get the same result by using a roaster instead of an oven. Frying was also a shared process of cooking.

Modern Methods: A lot of Mexican dishes these days are easy to make with advanced suitability. in the past, if you wanted dough, you need to start mashing dried corn with your “molcajete.” But now it is much effortless you can buy cooked, ground corn by the bag which lets you quickly complete adding in your other ingredients.

Furthermore, there is another technique to use, like the fireplace. Boiling is a fantastic way of cooking meats and vegetables. You need to place your meat or veggies in a big pot with water or soup and many spices. You can keep it boil all day long so that by dinner, the meat will be overbid to fall apart. It is the ideal technique for jagged beef.

Also, you can bring out the authentic tastes by grilling that helps to boost the flavors in the Mexican plates. You will get the same result that comes from cooking on an open fire. You can make out the warm smoky tastes with the precious cut of meat that you can soak in Mexican flavors before grilling it. If you are looking forward to visiting Mexico in the coming days, do not miss the chance of calling Restaurant Olympia for the authentic taste.

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Popular Types of Authentic Mexican Food

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